Buying and Setting up a Postie

Buying a Postie

Australia Post and Pickles Auctions have agreed for you to purchase an Ex Aussie postie bike from the government auctions at a significantly reduced price of $800.00 for this coming ride.

Simply complete the attached Postie Bike Request Form and forward along with a cheque for $300.00 payable to "Apex Outback Postie Bike Ride" PO Box 201 JAMESTOWN SA 5491.

On receipt of the Postie Bike Request Form and $300 a letter of introduction to Pickles Auctions will be emailed to you on receipt.
Present this letter to Surge at Pickles Auctions, 1754 Main North Rd Salisbury Plains SA 5109 Phone 08 82859366 and he will discuss payment of the $800 arrange a bike for you.

The $300.00 paid with the Postie Bike Request Form will be refunded to you at the starting line. In the event of no donation/no show, these monies will be donated to the Childhood Cancer charity.


Postie Set Up

  • The stock tyres should be replaced with trials type tyres.
  • A front knobbly is ok but rear ones are extremely prone to flats.
  • Heavy duty tubes front and rear should be fitted.
  • Wheel bearings, steering head bearings and chain and sprockets must be in excellent condition.
  • A standard DID chain will suffice. "O ring" chains are harder to repair in the dirt and mud. When fitting new chain, adjust to middle adjustment to give your rear wheel clearance in the swing arm. This will prevent the back wheel clogging up with mud.
  • Ensure clutch is ok or replace clutch plates and retain the old ones as spares, while the clutch is out clean the oil filter.
  • Noisy cam chains should be replaced and if the motor is smoky replace the rings.
  • Don't forget to change the oil and clean the air filter.
  • If adding an extra fuel tank put a tube or some padding between the tank and frame to prevent rubbing. The original fuel tank has two fuel hoses running to the fuel tap, the top hose is reserve and the bottom is "on". Connect the extra tank to the bottom "on" hose and leave the original tank connected to reserve. Both fuel lines should be fitted with filters.
  • The key can be relocated to the speedo mount to accommodate the extra tank if needed.

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